Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Helping decode the language of a narcissist one phrase at a time..................

Phrase #47.

If your narcissist ex says something like "you need to get with the program."  

This is what it means.  

He does not like to follow the instructions given out by the court system, I mean they don't know what works for him.  You should forget those instructions and just do what he says when he says when it comes to visitation, money, and anything he decides he does not like to be bound by law to do.  

His program will include showing up whenever he wants to, giving no notice that he is not going to show up, paying whenever and whatever he wants to, and just keep living his life the rest of the time child-free and care-free.  That is quite a program.  What kind of parents raise a man to be this way?  I guess not very good ones.

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