Wednesday, July 1, 2015

More thoughts to share with your daughters.

Here are a few more things that I think every mother should tell her daughters/daughters.

~Believe it or not, you can 100% do anything and everything a man can do and sometimes, better!
~Try not to over-stress, it makes you age faster.
~Learn how to drive a stick-shift.
~Learn how to defend yourself.
~Stand out in the crowd.
~Step outside of the box, dare to be different.
~You are brave.
~You are strong.
~Your intelligence is impressive to others, keep learning.
~Even on days when life sucks, things will get better.  Make things better yourself.
~You can tell how a man will treat his future wife by the way he treats his mother.
~Makeup, less is more.
~Never let anyone make you feel bad.
~Never change for anyone, ever!
~Never, ever, ever depend on anyone financially.
~And finally, I love you!

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