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Sink your teeth into these amazing shark facts.

In honor of shark week which I love so much!  Check out my blog post from last year which is complete with a shark dissection here.
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Shark facts:

~Some people are galeophobic (afraid of sharks) but I am not.  I have always been fascinated by sharks.

~There are over 400 different types of sharks.

~Sharks can live up to 100 years in the ocean.

~Until the 16th century, sharks were known as sea dogs.

~Sharks along with rays and skates are grouped with fish (elasmobranchs) i.e. cartilaginous fish.

~Did you know it is believed that sharks lived 200 million years before the dinosaurs?  They have also basically gone unchanged over that time.

~Hearing is a shark's best sense with the ability to hear prey from as far as 3,000 feet away.  A shark's ears are on the inside of their heads, not the outside.

~Hammerhead sharks have soft heads when they are born so they will not get stuck in the birth canal.

~Sharks do not get cancer.

~Some sharks, such as the sand tiger shark, participate in embryophagy which translates into eating their siblings in utero.  (Cannibalism).

~Sharks are able to dislocate their jaws temporarily to get their prey.  The jaw of a shark is not attached to its cranium.

~Did you know that for every one human killed by a shark, two million sharks are killed by humans.

~Some fishermen catch sharks, cut off their dorsal fins to make soup, and throw the shark back in the ocean alive.

~Over 100 million sharks are killed every single year to make fertilizer from shark cartilage, shark teeth necklaces, leather, sap, fuel, face cream, and soup as mentioned before.

~Sharks are the one creature that can be found in all oceans on the earth.

~A shark will eat just about anything.

~It is estimated that a great white shark can eat 11 tons of food in one year.
~Sharks regenerate teeth every eight to ten days.

~The liver is the largest organ in sharks and can weigh up to 25% of the shark's total body weight.

~The smallest sharks in the world are dwarf lantern sharks measuring to only about seven inches and the largest sharks are the whale shark which can grow to be an astonishing 50 feet long and weighs in at over 40,000 pounds.  This massive creature has teeth that are about the same size as a match head.

~Whale sharks also produce the greatest number of pups at one time by producing several hundred pups in one litter.

~Can you believe that there have been reports of bull sharks in the Mississippi River?  Yep!  A bull shark can live in salt water and fresh water.

Bull shark
~A shark can go as long as six weeks without eating.

~It has been previously documented that sharks are color-blind but new research has recently proven otherwise.  Yellow is a color you might want to avoid wearing in the ocean, just sayin'.

Time for a joke.
What kind of shark is always gambling?
A card shark!  HA!

Stay tuned for more this week.
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