Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Taking the mystery out of history with The Mystery of History volume 4.

The Mystery of History, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

We are in our 11th year of homeschooling (gasp!) so I have been around the block and back with regards to curriculum more than a few times over the years.  I cannot say that I have used it or tried it all but pretty close to it.

No two homeschooling families are a like and certainly no two kids are a like.  Sometimes things work and somethings they tank during the first week.

Homeschooling is about loving to learn which can be difficult to do if your curriculum does not fit your kiddos and their learning styles or if it is too teacher-intensive.
Bright Ideas Press.
One curriculum that has not failed us is The Mystery of History.  (Well except when volume 4 was not printed and ready at the time we planned on using it but that is the worse thing The Mystery of History has brought us).

This curriculum will fit the majority of learners.

After we finished volume 3, I eagerly awaited volume 4 but we had to wait it out and use another curriculum last year but the good news is................I NOW HAVE THE MYSTERY OF HISTORY VOLUME 4!!!!!!!!! (happy dance)

I have already cracked this Modern Times volume open and read through half of it myself already.

Great attributes of The Mystery of History:

~It is well-written, extremely well-written!

~It can be used with all ages.

~It can be used independently with middle school and up as the book is written for the students.

~The lessons are relatively short but to the point.

~There is no guessing what comes next.

~Beautiful pictures throughout.

~Best of all, this curriculum can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your homeschool.  For example, when life happens and you just need to get what you can done and move on or when you need to ramp up the studies for older kids.
Volume 4 also comes with a CD you can just pop in your computer and print out what you need, i.e. maps, quizzes, etc.

Solve the history curriculum mystery today.  You can find The Mystery of History on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Youtube, MOH website, Bright Ideas Press, and you guessed it, Pinterest.  Please check this great curriculum!

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