Sunday, July 26, 2015

Two weeks until school starts back. Time to pull your resources and map out a plan of attack for the new homeschool year.

I seriously hate hearing about back to school this, back to school that, back to school shopping, and those darn back to school lists!  UGH!  I just am so grateful we do not have to subscribe to all that mess but we still have to think about back to school, just with a more relaxed mindset.

So one would think after 10 years of successful homeschooling, things would get easier as the kids get older but think again.  Even the most veteran homeschoolers like myself needs to put a good amount of time and effort (and money) into having a successful year especially when you have two high school students (picking myself up off the floor).  

Here are a few tips that I have learned over the years.  These are really basics ideas that will help you have a little bit of structure in your homeschool but not a rigid schedule because I am not a fan of rigid schedules and deadlines.  Being able to be flexible is one of the greatest benefits of homeschooling.

~First, know your homeschooling laws.

~Plan your start date and finish date.  I usually pick a day in August to start (this year will be August 6th, 2015) and then pick a day in August (the following year) to end (August 5th, 2016).  Most people do not realize they can use the entire year which is a bonus.  You can also go by your local county's school schedule.  I am just not a fan of that.  It is always good to plan for life to happen because life has a way of happening (divorce, illness, vacation, tired, etc.)  and using the August to August calendar, there is plenty of wiggle room.

~Submit your letter of intent to the state.  Keep a copy of this.

~Co-op classes/enrichment classes ?  Figure that out and make time, energy, and money for those.

~You need to have a plan, a general plan such as knowing what curriculum you will use.  It is great to have the curriculum a few weeks ahead of time so you can lay the groundwork.

~Don't over schedule.  We are guilt of this on a routine basis.  We have so many outside activities and friends we stay on the road a lot!  There are times you will have to say no.

~Keep track of anything and everything that can be considered educational.

~Work with your child's natural timer.  My kids are night owls.  They could literally stay awake all night (and so could I) so we do not start until around 11 am.  I also work from home so that gives me a few hours to conquer that tasks too.

~Go with the flow...........

~Inhale, 1.2.3., exhale, 1.2. 3., don't stress, pick a spot to work, clear out the clutter, get your supplies in order, and get started.
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Happy Homeschooling........

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