Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Want an intro to forensic science?

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Intro to Forensic Science focuses on the skills and concepts behind crime scene investigation.  Students will develop their investigative and deductive skills as they incorporate biology, chemistry and physics as it applies to the realm of Forensic Science. No previous science course is required as each topic will be introduced and developed. The course focuses on how science is applied to real world circumstances rather than just learning concepts.  Topics that will be covered include, but not limited to, history of Forensic Science, crime scene processing, physical evidence, finger printing, forensic anthropology and archaeology, entomology, drugs and toxicology, serology and DNA, ballistics, document examination and more.  
*Note: Due to some sensitive material this class is restircted to high school students only!  Parents should be aware that some material may be deemed graphic in nature.  If you have any questions or a need of clarification please email at csiscienceguy@yanoo.com
All students who turn in assignments will receive a grade. Grades will be composed of class work (worksheets and other assignments, lab reports, quizzes and tests).  It is up to each family how much and what assignments will be completed.  Grades will be calculated based upon work turned in.  No penalties will be given for skipped assignments.  Parents and students will be responsible for completing the course to their satisfaction.  Parents will be responsible for assigning credit to their student for this class, but a certificate of completion will be made available to all students who complete the course.
Textbook: Forensic Science Fundamentals and Investigations by Bertino; ISBN 978-0538731553 approximate cost $80 used
About the teacher:

   My name is Charles Fanning. I am a dedicated father, who together with my wife, have homeschooled our daughter for 11 years. I have taught high school science for the past 21 years and have developed the curriculum for forensic science. I have a B.A. in Biology and a M.S. in Educational Administration. I hold teaching credentials in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. My desire is for students to develop a love of learning through hands on innovative courses. In my personal time I enjoy spending time with my family on our horse ranch as well as participating in shooting and ministry activities.

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