Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Curriculum 2015/2016..........

Drum roll........................A new school year takes a lot to get ready for and when you are a single income family (me being the single income head of house), it is not always in the cards to go buy the things you really want and need to make your new homeschooling year a success but don't worry, it will all be okay.

These are the materials that I was able to get for 9th and 11th grade (gasp).  Two high-schoolers this year.  What the what?

I love new pencils and notebooks.  It may be an addiction of some sort.
I especially love Ticonderoga pencils
So first up, Humanities.  Our core will be Mystery of History volume 4, Modern Times.
You can pick up a copy from Bright Ideas Press here for $75.  
To go along with this we are adding all kinds of goodies for music, art, and mapping skills.
Various literature to go along with our MOH vol 4.
English and grammar.  So I had high hopes for using One Year Adventure Novel and
Other Worlds but the funding of this didn't happen (no surprise there).  We will just be piecing
together what needs to be covered from these awesome books and the internet.
I am loosely going by World Book Scope and Sequences.  Here is 9th grade and here is 11th grade.
Science.  Of course, Apologia.  We have been using Apologia for at least
the last 7 years and yes, it is expensive but it is worth every penny.
This year for 9th, Biology and for 11th, Chemistry.  Check Apologia out here.
Math for 9th grade.  Math-U-See Alg 1 is our primary source with Alg 1 for dummies
and Algebra in 20 minutes a day workbook as back up resources.
Math 11th grade. I am a little bummed out that we did not get Teaching Textbooks Alg  II
but we will make due.  C16 will finish up Teaching Textbooks Geometry and
begin Alg II through various sources and back up resources such as Alg  II for dummies
and Khan Academy.
Language and Latin.  We will continue on our Latin path.  C16 will continue her Duolingo Italian and A14 will work on Spanish Duolingo.  We will also be using Mango.
I think that covers all we need.  They will continue to do their volunteering at the Humane Society and library programs plus a few other things along the way.  Good luck and happy homeschooling....

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