Friday, August 21, 2015

Operation blue jay rescue

About three hours ago, I was on my way out the back door to put a few treats out for the birds when I discovered this poor little blue jay laying on the deck on his back.  He must have hit the window on the back door and knocked himself silly.  Within a second of a loud "Oh, NO!" from me, both girls were on the scene.  They are actually still out there now, and it is after 9 p.m.  The blue jay was not bleeding anywhere, he can move his neck, and he is starting to regain his balance so hopefully, he will be on his way soon.

He seems so calm for a wild bird.

Belly shot.

At this point, he was trying to move a little more.

Perching on A14's gloved hand.

Almost ready to fly.  It was pitch black dark outside for this shot.  He looks so cute!  We named him Jai.

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