Friday, September 11, 2015

Third time is a charm............

What do you get when you have a super fun mom, two amazing teen girls, and great tickets to a 5SOS concert?  AN AMAZING TIME IS WHAT YOU HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were fortunate enough to get to see 5SOS twice in Atlanta, once just last month, and we took a quick trip to Charlotte, NC, this week to see them again.  This was absolutely the greatest performance by them I have seen and quite possibly the greatest concert I have ever been to.  This band of Aussie lads are taking the world by storm these days.  They are hugely talented with their musical abilities.

A little about the trip.  We spent the day in Charlotte, NC looking for any signs of the band or their tour bus and just hanging out.  We may have inadvertently been in and/or around the neighborhood and area that a few of the most popular Youtubers and Viners live by accident as well.

Our hotel room was also amazing, three beds, kitchenette, the works!  The concert was Wednesday so needless to say, Tuesday, not a lot of sleep happened we were just too excited.

We learned a while back the sooner you arrive to the concert location, the better, so we got to the venue at the PNC music pavilion at 1 p.m. even though the concert started at 7:30.  It paid off though, and there were already a lot of other people there before us.  The Charlotte PNC has the capacity for almost 19,000 but there were more like 20,000 people, mostly teen girls, at the event.

We heard on the security radio that the band was about to pull into the pavilion parking lot and that they were arriving in black SUVs so we started running for their private entrance and sure enough, ten minutes later, they drove past us.  No one knew this but us.  We took pics and waved and even though their windows were fairly blackened out, we could see through, the girls said they were laughing and waving as they drove by us.  I did not see that because I was distracted by the massively large tattooed bodyguard's arm which was all I could see.

Anyhoo, after that, we got to hear 5SOS do multiple sound checks, and we were part of a private acoustic session with the opening band, Hey Violet (I will get to them later because they are also amazing!), and both my girls got to talk to the band and take pictures.  I was chatting it up with the mom of the two sisters in the band, and I got my pic with her.  I love her, she is also an actress, singer, songwriter, and etc.  I enjoyed talking to her.

So back to what I was saying.  All of that waiting proved to be a wise thing to do.  The sound check, the private acoustic with meet and greet with Hey Violet, and a few local Youtubers were also there.  A small band named Cardfall (two cute brothers) were also performing and giving out autographs.  C16 and A14 actually just hung out with them and talked while I was chatting it up with other people.  Mostly greenie moms that had never been to a concert and had no idea what to expect.  Poor things!!!!

By this point, it is around 5:30, the parking lot is filled with cars, sweaty concert-goers, the local radio station is blasting music and getting pics, and the local news is there.  Did I mention that it was pouring down raining, thundering, and lightening?  There was that too!  By the time they opened the gates for everyone to head in, everyone was completely drenched.  I am talking dripping wet!!  Black runny mascara, soaking wet hair, clothes, and shoes.  The rain did stop but that did not last long.  It started raining again for about half of the concert but everyone was committed to see 5SOS rain or shine (except maybe a few parents).  We were under the cover so it was all good for us.

I have to say that the Charlotte concert-goers were about 100 times louder than the crowds in Atlanta were.  There were a few times that I could not tell if I was actually still hearing screams or if they were still screaming!  A woman in front of me was sitting chatting on Facebook the entire time to some guy named Bubba, HA!  She was telling him how much she wished she was at home watching TV than at the concert.  There was also a mom beside me but I scared her off by singing too loudly. HA HA!  She switched spots with her daughter.  What can I say, I love 5SOS!  If you can't stand the noise, don't go to the concert.  I went to have fun and let loose, not chat on Facebook and gawk at everyone.

Now for a few pics.
PNC Charlotte.  Our seats were upfront under the cover on the right side.  Great seats!

Calum-great vocals and guitar!

Michael Clifford-This kid can play the guitar like no other.  He is phenomenal!

Luke, according to my girls, the perfect one!
Luke and Ashton.  I love, love, love Ashton!
Killing it!
Oh no, it is over!  
Trying to leave the stage.

Meet Hey Violet!  This is a three girl, one boy band.  They are extremely talented.  They all play instruments and sing.  They were so gracious with their time before the show and performed like pros.  They have been opening for a few big names all over the world.  Check them out on twitter, iTunes, Facebook, instagram, and Tumblr.
Rena Lovelis, Miranda Miller, Nia Lovelis, and Casey Moreta.
We had the best time this week heading out for a mini-vacation and doing all of these fun things.  My girls definitely deserved this, and so did I!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Making memories that will last a lifetime!

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