Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wonderful woodpeckers.

Seems we have a variety of woodpeckers in our yard.  They are all different and all beautiful!!  The pictures are not the greatest quality because I took them, and they were shot through a window.
Of course, this is a Red-headed woodpecker.  I think this is my favorite!
There are more than three of these adult Red-headed woodpeckers that dine here.  I only know that because I have seen all three of them here at the same time.  It is impossible for me to tell them apart.

Making sure the coast is clear.

The next few pics are of a juvenile Red-headed woodpecker.  There are at least two of these cuties too.  Their head stay this brown color while they are heading into adult hood.
On his way up to the snacks.
He heard me at the window taking his pic.


They love the plain unsalted nuts.

Posing.  He looks a little like a tiny penguin in this pic.
He looks just like a Red-headed woodpecker from the back but still waiting on the red to develop.
If you look really closely, you can actually see a little red showing.
The next few are the Red-bellied woodpecker.  He does have a red head but it is not fully red.  This is called a cap.  He has a patch of red on his belly too.

This cardinal photobombed my pic.

The Hairy woodpecker.  Too cute!

I have no idea why he is hanging like this.
Ready to fly off.
We have so many birds coming and going all day long but I love this variety of woodpeckers.  Me being a geek!

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