Friday, October 23, 2015

Styles and Esther have at least one fertile egg! Now what?

So it appears that with all of this egg laying, there is actually at least one fertile egg.  Little Esther has been laying eggs like a factory but they have all been duds.  This makes for the best kind of science hands down though learning about the different phases of an egg, the fertilization process, and what to do in the event that a baby parakeet will actually develop.  Here is a little of what we learned about candling an egg.

Candling an egg just means that you hold a bright light, or candle back in the day, up to the egg and see if anything looks like blood vessels or the shadow that might resemble an embryo, you will know if you see it.  A fertilized egg is called a "winner."  If you discover your fertilized eggs has stopped developing, that is called a "quitter."  If you have an unfertilized egg, that is called a "yolker."

Love birds!

Five little eggies.

This is our picture of candling one of the eggs.  Pretty cool!  
I guess we are now officially on baby parakeet watch.  Wish us luck!

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