Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Mockingjay, part 2............

The final installment of the games didn't disappoint!

We headed out for the Thursday night premiere a little sad that this would be the last part of the Hunger Games Trilogy.

I was having a little bit of car issues and had a lot of work (work at home momma) to do before we headed out to be two hours early to wait in line for two hours so I figured drive thru for dinner would have to be good enough.  Turns out, that was a great idea since a nice man in a truck in front of us actually paid for all the food!  What?  I know, we were thinking we were being put on Youtube but I guess he was just being kind.  Nice to see kind men these days!

We got to the theater and meet up with friends.  They were all so excited!  They hover-boarded out front while I secured their spot in line.  The line had started forming around 5 and before the movie started, there were no seats left.

So how was the movie?

For me, the beginning was just a tad slow but overall a really good way to bring the games to an end.

I read the book, which made me cry like a baby and even though the movie did stick close to the
book, it was not as sad as the book in parts.  There were a few tears shed during the film by movie-goers, just not mine.

Mockingjay part 2 picks up exactly where part 1 ended, literally!  Peeta had just pulverized Katniss
after he was rescued from the Capitol.

Snow knows how to push Katniss' buttons by knowing what is important to her.  At this point, Katniss must learn to wrap her brain around being a propaganda gadget and get this rebellion going full speed, which she does and in a way that the Capitol cannot ignore.

Without giving too many details, the final battle unfolds, a few of our favorites meet their final fate, and Katniss realizes that even after everything she went through, none of it really mattered which is a little disappointing but that is how life works some times.  The movie closes with what seems to be a peaceful life for Katniss with a lot to look forward too. (I do not want to spoil it for anyone who might not have read the book).

This movie did not get the best reviews but it was a good movie, and definitely worth seeing.  Also an interesting bit of info, there may be a prequel to the Hunger Games to clue you in on events that transpired before we were introduced to Katniss and the gang.  This is a really good idea to me.  You can read more about that here.

Watch a trailer here at Variety.

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