Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2015.........

This year's Walker Stalker Con was the best!!!  We had so much fun!!!  There was so much going on this year.  I do not even know where to start.
Some of the loot!

In my last blog post about Walker Stalker Con, I mentioned a few non-Walking Dead actors that would be attending this year, a few people that we really love!

Max Thieroit and Nestor Carbonell from Bates Motel (a new addiction at our house).

Melissa Ponzio and Seth Gilliam were in attendance.  We have a double love for this pair as they are both on another one of our favorite shows, Teen Wolf.

A few of the Vampire Diaries casts members were there as well like Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley.  We do not watch this show but of course we know who they both are.  On a side note, Ian Somerhalder was being golf-carted around the building by security to get where he was supposed to be, C16 saw him and moved his way quickly, he saw her and blew her a kiss as the golf cart pulled out of sight.

There were so many things going on.  There were zombie simulation activities.  You could actually be locked away in an area for an hour with zombies (actors) and you have to try to stay alive............  Zombie make up artists, tattoo artists, stencil artists, anything and everything!

Our personal highlights of the day:  Lots of those!  There were also a few selfies with the actors but I am not a fan of my kids' pics all over the internet so they are not being posted.  I also do not like to use their names either but a few of the pics are made out to them directly so I left them as is.

We started off meeting Chandler Riggs (Carl).  He is a local boy who lives about half an hour away from us.  What a sweetheart!  He gave us a pic, shook hands, and signed A14's TWD hat.  He was fun to talk to and when we left his table, I told him to try to stay alive, and he said he will try!

Next we went to meet Lauren Cohan (Maggie).  What a beauty she is and nice as can be!  C16 went up to her table and they both said how are you at the exact same time and started laughing.  C16 told her she loved her role as Bela in Supernatural, and she said that was so much fun!  Love her!

I am not sure what happened after that because there was so much going on.
I think our next stop was at the Bates Motel area where Max and Nestor were.  These two are fab.u.lous!

Max really took a lot of time to talk to us, he gave out a lot of hugs, and he patted C16 on the head when we were walking away!  Swoon........ He loves his fans, and his fans love him!

I think we met Seth Gilliam (TWD Father Gabe) after that.  Another amazing personality.  He seems like such a kind soul.  He was also hanging on every word we said, just really into the moment.  He has the most sparkling eyes I have ever seen.  He also signed A14's TWD hat.  When he was leaving for the day, we just happened to be by the exit door he was leaving from, and he stopped and gave us a big wave bye.
We went to meet Melissa Ponzio (TWD Karen) after that, and I have to say, she blew me away!  She is so amazing I think sunshine comes out of her butt!  She is one of the nicest people I have ever met, ever!  We spent at least 20 minutes talking to her the first time.  She even noticed how long A14's eyelashes are and remarked about them.  She spent time talking to C16 about the new season of Teen Wolf, she told her when they were shooting the new season and all kinds of goodies that are not out for public knowledge.  She signed a photo for C16 that she literally spent 5 minutes decorating and writing on.  She wrote quotes from both shows and her name in big bubble letters.  She was such a pleasure.
I think the Governor was next, David Morrissey.  He is regal, literally!  We are friends with the young lady who played his along-the-way-adopted-daughter in TWD so we had an "in" to start a conversation with him by talking about her.  He is a little intimidating, but very sweet.  He was the last to sign A14's hat.  He also signed a photo which usually they only give you one signature.  Lucky us!

After that, it is a blur!
Left to right, Seth Gilliam, David Morrissey, and Chandler Riggs.
We ended up with several photos, signatures, and A14's hat.  A14's hat went in just a $15 TWD hat, by the time we left, the hat's value went up to about $200 with the signatures she collected.

A few more candid shots that we took.  If they are blurry or not good, I took them.  If they are amazing, one of the girls took them.
Lauren signing autographs.
Max talking with fans.
This is Ian Somerhalder on the back of the golf cart.  It is so blurry because I was running to get the pic and he was riding away.  This is when he blew a kiss to C16.

Chandler giving hugs!  We got a pic of him leaving too
but I cannot find it at the moment.  I will add it later.
Paul Wesley leaving.
Max and Nestor trying to sneak out the back door but we caught them.

This is a pic of three clowns that I believe Seth Gilliam took.  
Steven is alive even if Glenn did not make it.
My love, Norman Reedus!  This is as close as you could get.
I know I say every event we go to is the best, and I am saying it again about this one.  The only downside to this event was that we could not even see Andrew Lincoln.  They had him surrounded by black curtains.

The fun meter:  100/100!  Can't wait until next year!

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