Monday, February 15, 2016

Lets talk moving superstitions and fun..........

Since we are moving soon, I thought it would be fun to research traditions/superstitions as they relate to moving into a new place, and I learned some pretty interesting stuff.

When you move, leave your broom behind and buy a new one for the new place.  Turns out that brooms carry negative energy (dirt) from different aspects of your life, a new broom gives you a fresh start.  I certainly do not want any negative energies from the past going with me when I move!  So a new broom is on the list.  I will burn the other one.

It is bad luck to carry a garden hoe into your new place but hey if you forget and bring your hoe in, just walk back out the door backwards carrying the hoe and problem solved.  Remember, no hoes in the house the first night!

Don't forget to bring a loaf of bread and carry it in with you the first time you cross the threshold of your new place.

If you have had a problem with witches in the past, no problem.  Take some fennel and stuff it in the keyhole or hang it over your door and poof, no more witches!

Got ghosts?  Paint your porch blue.  According to southern traditions, ghosts cannot cross over water, and I guess they are easily fooled by blue paint.

Bring your salt too so you can sprinkle it at the front door.  This will keep away the evil spirits.  It is also suggested that the only way to truly cleanse your new place is by spreading salt all over the floors and leave it for hours or all day.  Just in case the salt at the front door did not prevent those evil spirits from hanging around.

You might want to tone down your hammering activities after the sun sets, you wouldn't want to wake up the tree gods now would you?

Don't want to be struck by lightening?  Just go outside and grab an acorn and place it on the windowsill.  This is what the Norse believed.

Old Native American superstitions suggest not moving into your new place on Friday, Saturday, or when it is raining.  They believed these were unlucky days to move in.

Burning dried sage (native American tradition) on your first night in your new home will ward off spirits but no worries if you are fresh out of sage, just burn a candle instead.

If you live in Thailand and want to bless your new house, invite an odd number of monks over for a visit.  There has to be an odd number, not even, and you also need to feed them while they are there.

In Italy, they pour salt in all four corners of every room in the house.

Live in India?  Head outside, grab a cow, place a garland wreath around its neck, and bring that cow right on in the house.  It doesn't say how long to keep the cow inside but this is supposed to somehow bless your new place.  Glad we are not moving to India at the moment.

According to Jewish, Indians, Chinese, Persian, and Armenians, planting a pomegranate tree or eating pomegranates will ensure fertility.  Note to self, never, ever, ever eat anything with pomegranate in the new place.

If you can possibly manage to hold one more thing on your way in, make it a full bowl of rice.  This is for prosperity.

Scattering coins all over the floor is also supposed to bring prosperity.  At this point, coins are the only form of money I have left so that will not be a problem for me.

Don't want the ghosts from your current residence to follow you to your new place?  Just move on a Thursday.

There are so many more superstitions about moving but I thought these were the best.

If you see me walking around with a loaf of bread, salt, a broom, or a cow, it is probably moving day!

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