Saturday, April 9, 2016

Apartment living update, on cloud nine...........

I could really get used to this apartment thing!

Everything is completely amazing, and I mean everything.

The other day I told the girls technically we are not homeschooling, we are now apartment schooling and their response to that was perfect.
They said we are home even in this apartment because we are here, and we are a family (awwww)!

This was the best week ever in our new place because it was spring break.  We had spend-the-night parties and groups of friends over a couple of days to help us break in the apartment, and they did a great job with that!

The girls were so proud of their new rooms and of the apartment.  They have already made several new friends, teenage girls, who they hang out with a lot.

This move got us out from underneath a crappy situation.  We have endured a lot so to see them as happy as they are right now is priceless!

Thanks friends and families!  You have all played an integral role in our new start.  We could not have done it without you (and the judge, LOL).

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