Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ashley got a Cajon for her birthday.............

My girls love music, a lot!  They having been spending a lot of time playing covers of songs they love.  They are also gifted enough to just listen and reproduce what they hear pretty well.  A15 just got a Cajon  (ka-hon) for her birthday, and she has already mastered how to play it.  The group they play with consists of 3 acoustic guitars, a keyboard, a ukulele, and now a Cajon.  A Cajon is perfect for acoustic performances.

This is a Meinl, which comes from Germany.  They are #1 in percussion all over the world.

The front.

This is the sound hole is on the back.  

A15's current favorite drummer also plays a Cajon, Ashton Irwin of 5SOS.

So basically you sit on the Cajon and hit different sides in different ways to make various sounds. Love it!  Lets see how long the neighbors like hearing all that beating..............

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