Thursday, May 19, 2016

For the love of pigeons...............

No matter where we go, there is always excitement and usually an animal involved.  So the girls were taking a few new head shots to submit for another movie role, and I was standing up on the balcony looking down at them and talking, as usual, to someone when out of no where, this cute little pigeon flew right up to me and practically landed on me.   After a minor freak out, I realized that the pigeon had two identification bands, one on each leg.  We did a little research and found out that this could either be a homing pigeon, which could have flown from several hundred miles a way, or a fancy pigeon, which is not able to travel far distances.  I know, so helpful!  Anyway, we, of course, had bird food and unsalted nuts to feed the pigeon, and we had this bird literally eating out of our hands.  We kept an eye on the pigeon until dark and found that if flew up to nest, hopefully, for the night.  We will be looking for this new friend tomorrow and maybe find the owners.

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