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Mystical Mauritius......

I frequently check my stats for this blog to see where my readers are, and there are many fascinating places that I have never even heard of reading my blog but when I see specific places with increasing viewers, I like to find out about the place and do a blog post for educate others on their amazing lands.

This time, it is Mauritius.  Thank you for checking in with my blog, and if any of this is incorrect, shoot me a comment, and I will fix it.

~Judging the pictures that I have seen, Mauritius is one beautiful place without a doubt so there is no wonder why it is one of the most visited place on earth!

~You can find this spectacular volcanic island in the Indian Ocean on the continent of Africa (near South Africa).

~Comprised of mountainous, river gorges, national parks, waterfalls, rainforests, and a vast population of plants and animals.

~The capital (and largest city) is Port Louis.  Around 40% of the population lives in Port Louis.

~The currency is the Mauritian rupee.

~Approximately 1.3 million people call Mauritius home and one million tourist visit Mauritius each year.

~Life expectancy is around 73 years.

~Underwater volcanic eruptions are responsible for creating the island of Mauritius.

~The Portuguese were the first people on Mauritius.

~On March 12, 1968, Mauritius gained independence.  Previously ruled by the Portuguese, the French, and the Brits.

~Sugarcane is their top money earning product.

~Mauritius has no army.

~The most visited area is the Seven Colored Earths in Chamarel.  This sand dune is comprised of seven different colors:  Yellow, brown, red, violet, blue, green, and purple.

~Mauritius is a democracy and every five years, a new government is elected.

~87% of the Mauritians speak the primary language which is Creole.  They also speak Bhojpuri, French, and English.

~An interesting note is that some of the laws are written in French while the constitution is written in English.

~This African country has the highest Hindu majority.

~Mauritius is surrounded by volcanic islands.

~The Dodo bird is the national animal even though it is now extinct.  The Dodo bird has been extinct for centuries but when they were alive, they were found in no other place in the world except for Mauritius.

The Dodo was a large pigeon-type bird which lived in Mauritius around 4 million years ago.  The Dodo bird had no predators so they lost their ability and need to fly.  They weighed up to 50 pounds.  Portuguese sailors used the Dodo birds for meat.

Portuguese sailors also brought pigs, monkeys, and rats to the island who subsequently ate the Dodo bird's eggs (which were on the ground) so within 100 years of human arrival to Mauritius, the Dodo birds became extinct with the last one being killed in 1681.  The Dodo bird has a place on the national Coat of Arms for Mauritius.

~Rumor has it that Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland (1865) because he was inspired by the Dodo bird.

~The flag is comprised of four bands which are red for bloodshed, blue for the Indian Ocean, yellow for the new light of independence, and green for vegetation.

~I have included a few great links below, so please check them out!

"You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius." Mark Twain (1896)

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