Sunday, July 10, 2016

New holiday traditions are underway........

Now it is just the girls and I (99.5%) of the time, we are starting a few new traditions.  This is our first everything in our new apartment so July 4th looked a little different than previous years.

For the last three years, we would stay in our neighborhood with neighbors and friends and shoot our own fireworks in the driveway, listen to music, eat, drink sparkling cider, and then watching the New York fireworks on TV.

Last year, the local fairgrounds were too crowded to even park our car so we ended up in the parking lot of a strip mall watching the fireworks which as it turns out, were pretty good seats.
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This year, we went out to dinner, went to see the movie The Purge (Oh.My.Goodness.What.A. Movie.That.Was), and watched the fireworks from a grass hill area right outside of the movie theater.

It was awesome!  The movie ended at 9:23 and the fireworks started at 9:30.  We literally walked 20 feet, no traffic, no hassles, perfect!  We had such a good time!  I like this new tradition for the fourth.  I hope there is a good movie on next year.

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