Monday, July 18, 2016

Skeleton plan for 10th and 12th grades coming up in about 3 weeks........

Cannot even believe it but here we go again!  A new school year already.

The saddest part is by this time next year, I will have a graduate (sniff, sniff).  It has truly been an amazing adventure with C17 from the beginning to the end.

A15 will be in 10th grade, and I still have a hard time believing that too!  Luckily, I have great kids and luckily they both know how good they have it!  As with most homeschooling moms, anything can change in curriculum choices even on day one.  At the moment, this is what my brain is telling me looks good so hopefully all of this curriculum will get us where we need to be by the end of the year.

12th grade (EXTRA LARGE GASP)- Amazingly C17 has taken more electives than she ever needed to and that is why none are listed here.
Teaching textbooks PreCalculus 2.0
Advanced Biology
Hewitt Lightening Lit British Lit
Hewitt Speech
Spanish II-mango, duolingo, along with various other resources.
Economics-undecided at the moment.

10th grade
Teaching textbooks Geometry 2.0
Apologia Chemistry
Hewitt Lightening Lit Part 1 and Part 2
Spanish I-mango, duolingo, along with various other resources.
Driver's Ed.
Health II
I am going to add something else to this load, just not sure what she wants yet.

Magruder's American Government This is a good year to do this with both since the election is coming up soon.
Writer's Inc
Co-op classes
A whole lot of volunteering, babysitting, and pet sitting.

We will also be using many of the resources from Schoolhouse  Click here to buy or in my sidebar under affiliates and thank you!

We will also be using curriculum from CurrClick.  Click here to buy or in my sidebar under affiliates and thanks again!

Check out Bright Ideas Press for so many goodies like the Mystery of History.  Click here and thanks!

Don't forget to check out Molly Green Magazine here.  So many helpful tips and goodies here!

Khan Academy is a site we cannot get enough of, please check them out here.

I will be posting updates here and there, and there is a good chance in a month from now, this will all look different but you have to do what works and keep the kiddos happy to be learning otherwise, it could be a catastrophe!

Happy homeschooling..............

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