Monday, August 8, 2016

Twenty-One Pilots concert............

was 100% amazing!!!  Just to sum it all up, we had so much fun!  We came across several friends and neighbors at the concert, and we also came across Chandler Riggs a.k.a. Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead!  We actually went over to him and warned him that a few girls in the crowd recognized him and to go the other way.  He said thanks and took off.  We have met him twice before so even though it was cool to see him there, we were also cool.

The show started with a band called Chef'Special.  They are a Dutch Indie Pop band from the Netherlands.  They did a fantastic job warming up the crowd.  Very nice guys too!  Check out their website here for more info.

After Chef'Special headed off the stage, a band called Mutemath took over.  They are a band from New Orleans.  This was completely amazing!!  They made sounds with their instruments that I had never heard before; very loud, sharp sounds. Their light show was over the top!  Check out their website here.

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for.......Twenty-One Pilots.  They started with a bang and ended with a bang.  They changed outfits at least 5 times each.  One minute Tyler is looking like Willy Wonka, the next minute he is prancing around wearing a dress, then he puts on his ski mask.  A lot goes on during these performances.  It is very cool!

No one wanted the show to be over even though they performed almost 2 hours!  During the halfway point, Tyler and Josh brought the other two bands out and did a few cover songs.  Great stuff!!!

C17 took a few pics and by a few I mean a lot but here are a few.

Tyler and Josh. CLC
Tear in my heart drumline.  Cannot even  describe it!
Hamster ball time.  Tyler got in his hamster ball and the people
in the pit held him up as he rolled and rolled and rolled.  He is such a nut!  CLC
Tyler is very trusting that these people are going to keep holding him up.
This is Josh on a platform held up by the pit crowd again.
Truly nuts!  I have no idea how they held him, the platform,
and the drum set up but he does this at every show so.........
There light show could possibly cause seizures, no kidding!
 Crazy how much effort went into the lights.  CLC
This is a pic of Tyler during Car Radio.  He was very high up on this ladder/platform.
He was about 15 feet away from us at this point.  C17 took this pic.  It is my favorite! 

This is a pic of all the bands.  CLC
We go to a lot of concerts, and it is hard to decide which one is the best because every time we go, we all think that was the greatest concert ever so we decided to just say they are all the best!  So far, we have loved them all.  Great memories are in the making as well and that is really what it is all about!

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