Sunday, September 25, 2016

We had a blast last night with friends going on a haunted ghost walking tour of historically haunted Dahlonega, GA.

Georgia has many haunted places it seems, and we are interested in all of them, especially Dahlonega.  I have blogged about Dahlonega before here so check this out too.

Last night, we headed out at 8 p.m. to take a tour of historic Dahlonega.  

Dahlonega has a rich history of great historical value and a few famous ghost too.  Our tour guide took us on a 2-1/2 hour journey through back alleys and main streets to 13 very spooky locations including Mount Hope Cemetery.  

C17 was in charge of pics and here are just a few.  We are still looking through them for anything that looks out of the ordinary.
This house was very creepy!  This was the house of Captain William Jasper.  Read more about this here.  Long story short, Mr. Jasper's son was hit by a train and died in the house three days later and has been haunting the room ever since.
Hoping to see a ghost in the window.

On in this creepy rocking chair.  I really love this pic.
These pics are from Mount Hope Cemetery.  This is a pre-civil war cemetery with under 2,000 slot and tab grave markers which are only found here.

This is the hanging tree.

I may add a few more pics and descriptions later if anything ghostly turns up.  This was just so much fun and really got us in the Halloween mood.

                       Click here for more Dahlonega Walking Tour.  This was a great tour.  Our tour guide, Jeremy was very knowledgeable on all things ghost and all things Dahlonega.  Also, check out this website for more.  Tip:  A big pile of homemade waffles is a must after ghost hunting!

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