Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fun party foods for our Walking Dead Party............

This is an original idea.  We have scoured the internet looking for fun zombie food ideas and actually came up with one of our own.  Mostly A15 had the idea of making Negan's bat (Lucille) so we tried out a few different things and came up with a winner.

We melted semi-sweet chocolate chips with coconut oil and mixed until smooth.  Coconut oil works best when melting chocolate chips.  We sprayed a cookie sheet with cooking spray, then we dipped gluten-free pretzel sticks in the melted chocolate, rolled them a bit, and then placed them on the cookie sheet.  We popped them in to the freezer for about 5 minutes, then we repeated this process two more times so there would be a good amount of chocolate.  Then the girls drew out the barbed wire with white frosting and added a little bit of red gel glaze for the "blood effect."  I think these turned out great, and they are delicious!

We also made Carol's Cookies from the original recipe from the AMC website.  Click here for the recipe.
The wait is almost over!!!!!!

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