Monday, November 28, 2016

Walker Stalker Con ATL...........

I have been so busy, I have still not had time to blog about our fun time at this year's Walker Stalker Con ATL so I decided to at least post these two signed pics of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (swoon), we stood in line for three hours to spend five minutes with him.  Totally worth it though!

This is one insanely nice man (in person) even though he is the Donald Trump of The Walking Dead.
We had a very long day but we were simply not leaving without meeting Negan, and it was so worth the wait.  Some of the fans were being turned away by the volunteers because it was time to go but he pulled rank and let everyone come up to meet him anyway.  He was very interactive and hugged everyone.  He signed C17's picture and her bracelet while she was still wearing it.  Another great time had by us.

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