Saturday, April 1, 2017

Negan bats on steroids......

A while back, I posted these cute Negan bats my girls made for a Walking Dead Premiere party we were having, and they were such a hit, we decided to take another whack at them, only amplified for the season finale.  They are a little time-consuming to make but so much fun to eat.  You can find the first post here along with Carol's cookies.

The original Negan bats.

Bats on steroids.
Semi-sweet chocolate chips, organic coconut oil, and pretzel rods.
I honestly just throw in various amounts.

Melt the chocolate.  You don't have to be fancy, just throw it
in the microwave until it is melted but smooth.

Just dip the pretzel rods in the chocolate.  This glass measuring
cup made dipping the pretzel rods easy.  Put them in the
freezer for about 5 mins.

Frosting/gel.  Obviously red for the blood.  You can use just
white for the barbed-wire or tint it with black to give it
more of a barbed wire look.

Voila!  Negan bats.

I guess we went a little crazy with the bloody look.

A close up.  I wish I took better pics but I think you can get the idea!


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