Friday, May 12, 2017

Destination graduation..........

Graduation season is here so I thought I would share a few interesting factoids from around the world including the biggest factoid being I have a graduate this year, C17 (gasp), we homeschool year round so technically her school year is not over but she will participate in a ceremony with a select few homeschooling peers.  A friend who has kids in public school clued me in on the fact that high school seniors can gradate with their class even if they have not met all the requirements and will have to attend summer school to complete the graduation requirements.  Apparently, this happens a lot.  Never knew but glad I know now.

So lets talk traditions.

~In Mexico, graduation is much like in the US except they have a dance party following graduation.

~In Sweden, graduates wear round caps with black bills called studentmossa.  Once the graduation ceremony is over, they have a parade through town with floats and marching bands.

~In Norway, students spend the last month of school at parties.  Nice!  

~In Thailand, members of the Royal Family hand out diplomas and the students bow to the Royals.  No one is allowed in except the graduating students.

~In Spain, attire is traditional.  Their robes have a built-in cape much like the one the Pope wears. Their hats are round and have a large blue cuff on them.

~Bah Humbug!  In Germany, they do not have any ceremonies for the graduates.  They are focus on final exams called Abitur.

~Japanese students begin with a march with singing as they line up for diplomas.  They must wear school uniforms.  No parties.

~Argentinian grads have a ceremony with food after the diplomas have been given out.  Food that includes many sticky substances such has syrup and ketchup.  Apparently, they celebrate by throwing syrup and ketchup at each other followed by flour, glitter, and eggs; and they also cut each others clothes with scissors.
~Italians share in this tradition of throwing food at the graduates.

~In the Philippines, parents accompany their graduate to a stage and are given their diploma.

~In China, female graduates rent wedding gowns to wear at graduation and both male and female graduates celebrate without their parents, friends, and relatives.

~In Russia, female graduates we black with white aprons.

~US tradition consists of caps and gowns with graduation taking place on a football field, amphitheater, or stadium depending on how many students are graduating.  Usually, there are hundreds of kids graduating at the same time.!

~US homeschooling grads tend to be more low key.  The number of graduates each group has is usually under 20 students to make the event more personal.

Typically, it is just for immediate family members and closest friends.  Each graduating student will have their own table set up for them and their guests to enjoy their time talking and having drinks and cake.  The tables are decorated for the students with special personal items and pictures.

Random facts:
~Did you know that the earliest diplomas were written on sheep's skin?

~Navy graduates are responsible for the cap throwing at ceremonies.  In 1912, students at the U.S. Naval Academy threw their caps "up to the heavens" at the end of the ceremony which lead all graduates after that follow suit.

How ever you and your grad celebrate will be amazing.  Be proud and enjoy the moment.

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