Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It is official............

The girls are booked for at least ten overnight shoots between now and the end of this month before they wrap on this current movie.

They have actually both been given a little more of a role in this film.  They will both be playing the parts of ___________.  Ha ha, no details!

The overnight shoots are pretty hard on all of us.  For them, they have to stay awake all night and sleep most of the day and then back to it.  For me, I have to sleep two or three hours, take them to the location, which is usually at least an hour drive, and then sit in traffic for hours to get back home, then I have to work and all my other tasks, and get ready to go back and get them at an undetermined time.  Usually if they go in, for example, at 6 p.m. adding 12 hours on to that would be about the right time to go back but sometimes they wrap early, sometimes they wrap late.  I always like to get back early so they don't have to wait on me.  Who needs sleep anyway?

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