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Looking for a new place to live...........

Check out this architectural masterpiece, Bellezza Maledetta or in English, Cursed beauty.  Also known as the Palazzo Dario (Ca' Dario palace).

You will find this stunning mansion located in the Dorsoduro District in Venice, Italy.   You can pick up this beauty for a fraction of what it is worth but know that is for good reason, very good reason.

Some people refer to this Venetian-style Gothic house located on the Grand Canal in Venice as a murder house.  Seems a lot of spooky things happened there.  I absolutely love all things haunted, all things Italy, and I am especially fond of Venice, no clue why, just am so this haunted house definitely caught my attention.

So here is what happened.
A portrait of Dario
with the Bellini Brothers.

Ca' Dario was built in 1487 for Giovanni Dario who was the Venetian Ambassador to Constantinople (born 1414 in Crete).  Unfortunately, Mr. Dario died shortly after moving in to Ca' Dario.

Giovanni Dario's daughter, Marietta, her husband, Vincenzo Barbaro (a business man), and their sons moved in to Ca' Dario.

Not long after they did, Vincenzo went out of business and was stabbed to death, Marietta subsequently committed suicide, and their son, Giacomo was ambushed and killed.  Mamma Mia!

Then in the early 1800s, an Armenian diamond merchant named Arbit Abdoll took over ownership of the house and you guessed it, his business failed, and he died in the house.

English scientist, Radon Brown was the next owner who died mysteriously in the palace along side his roommate.

In 1837, John Ruskin bought the house, spent a fortune restoring the palace, went bankrupt, and committed suicide.

The next unfortunate buyers were a Hungarian Count (dead), a rich Irish man (dead), and Countess Isabelle Gontran de la Baume-Piuvinel (dead).

A French poet named Henry De Regnier also died within a few years of living there.

American multimillionaire, Charles Briggs, bought the palace but he was banned from Venice due to allegations of homosexuality and committed suicide.

I lost count of the deaths so far.

Monet 1908
Next up, Mario del Monaco, famous Italian tenor was literally on his way to buy the palace when he was involved in a car accident so he changed his mind.  Lucky for him.

Not so lucky was Count Lanze Philip Giordano who was killed by his lover, Yugoslavian Raul Blasich.  Blasich was later assassinated attempting to flee.

Manager of the rock band The Who, Crisopher Lambert committed suicide a few years after he purchased Ca Dario.

We are now up to the 80s.

Fabrizio Ferrari purchased the palace and lived there with his sister, Nicoletta, who he later "accidentally" ran over with his car.  There were no witnesses.  Fabrizio began to suffer financial decline and was arrested for attacking a model.
Turkish Fountain
inside Palazza Dario

In the 90s, businessman, Raul Gardini bought the palace for his daughter, however concomitantly, was involved in a financial scandal in which he lost most of his money.  He then committed suicide.

In the 2000s, Woody Allen was thinking to buy Ca Dario but subsequently changed his mind.

John Entwistle

John Entwistle, The Who's famous bassist merely rented the palace in 2002 and suffered a heart attack.

An American company, which remains unidentified, is the current proud owner of this cursed palace of doom with a propensity of twisting the minds of the occupants who dare to stay within its malignant walls.  This palace is more than haunted.  It is alive!

Some people believe it has to do with the fact that Ca Dario is built over an ancient Templar Cemetery.  A Templar or Knight Templar was a member of Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.  This was a military order of knighthood brought together during the time of the Crusades.  They were the inspiration for other military orders.  The Templars were to protect Christian Pilgrims to the Holy Land during the 12th century.  Later, King Philip IV of France, destroyed this order.

The palace is open to the public if you dare to venture inside.  I would not recommend staying too long.  And if you are not afraid of financial ruin or perishing, you can pick this up this charmingly cursed mansion that bestows bad luck to all its inhabitants for $20 million Euros or $25.2 million US dollars.  Ca Dario is the most feared and revered palace in all of Italy.

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