Friday, June 30, 2017

Operation kitten rescue......

After about four very long hours, the girls finally helped pull this little cutie out of a neighbor's car. She must have gotten lost from her momma and ran under the car because she was scared.  Good thing the girls were there.  They kept hearing little cries and realized that this kitten was hiding out in a car.  Food, water, and toys were brought out but nothing.  She got scared again and ran to another neighbor's car who fortunately was about to leave and opened up his hood and took her right out.  He and his buddy wanted to keep her, they are both about 20 and super cute and so nice to want to help this little kitten, but one of the other neighbors wanted her so much, she started to cry so the boys let her have the kitten.  The girls pet sit for her dog so now I guess they will get to pet sit this cutie as well.  So glad this worked out and that I did not end up with another pet.

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