Monday, December 6, 2010

Ancient civilizations

We are finally doing an in depth study of the ancient civilizations.  We will be using various materials as we make this journey into the past.  We will be using Evan-Moor history pockets as our core for this study.  Now, I have had a few people that have cautioned me on overdoing it with the pockets so I am carefully choosing which topics we will cover.

We started out with Evan-Moor History pockets for ancient civilizations and so far, so good.  Evan-Moor 
The first order of business was to review what history is and make sure we have a good idea what archaeology is before we continue the trip.

This is the cover.

This is the history pocket.   It gives a general outline of what history exactly is and some vocabulary words to learn.  The archaeology information is in this pocket as well.     

In the beginning of the history pocket is a map of the ancient worlds.  We will color these in as we make it to each destination.

Here are a few books that we used.

Next, we did a brief journey to Ancient Mesopotamia. 

This is obviously the Mesopotamia pocket.

We made a Ziggurat pop-up book.

 We read the information that was included in this pocket but then we also look at lots of pictures,  read other books, watch DVDs, or find things on the internet that might be useful.

Two books we found especially helpful.

We will also be reading Story of the World volume 1 ancient times.  I do not consider myself a "Classical," teacher but this is very well written and just fun to read.

This was it for the first week of the ancient civilizations.  We will be starting Ancient Egypt using Evan-Moor Egypt pocket this week. 



  1. Oh I love Evan Moor stuff, ESPECIALLY their history pockets. :D Good fun there.

  2. Kendra, there is a lot to these pockets. So far, we are having fun! I have the Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome to do next.


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