Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Black glue art project.

Prang Ready-To-Use Tempera Paint, Black, 16 oz #DIX21608
It does not matter what name brand you get.

Today, we worked on an art project from the enrichment classes that we take.  The idea is to make a picture that looks somewhat 3 dimensional.
You have to mix regular glue with black-powdered tempera paint which makes the glue black of course. 
Save your container so that you can refill it.  Again, any type of glue will work.
You can use any kind of paper, tracing paper, thick paper, or construction paper.  We used tracing paper and regular paper for ours.
So you take your paper and with the black glue outline what you would like to create.  You need a thick layer of the black glue.  This will make it look somewhat 3 dimensional.  You will need to let it dry for a while before the next step.

Here are a few of our outlines.
After your outline has dried completely, you can use another type of art supply to fill in your outline.  We used pastels.
  Here is what ours looked like after we finished.
Here is one that A9 did in art class.  They were studying Georgia O'Keeffe when she did this one.
They turned out pretty good, and we had a great time making these.  The glue is a little messy but it is worth it.

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