Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Need help for ACT and SAT essay test prep? No worries!

CurrClick has you covered with this fantastic live class.  Click here for the link.

Class description.
Anxious about the essay portion of the ACT or the 2015 SAT test? Fear not! This class will help you understand the secrets and techniques the test evaluators are looking for. 

We'll examine the differences between the two essay tests, prepare you to write an effective essay, look at various scored sample essays, and the evaluation rubrics for each essay.
Scope and Sequence: 
  • Differences and similarities in essay tests and what evaluators are looking for in each type.
  • Organizing your thoughts in response to the prompt.
  • Developing a strong thesis response statement and supporting it with various kinds of details.
  • Using strong writing techniques through varied sentence structure, active voice, transistion words.
  • Closing the essay in a strong manner
  • Examining various sample essays for each test and their scores
* The students will have a homework essay to complete at the end of the course using these techniques and timing themselves within the given test times. The essay needs to be submitted to the teacher within 2 weeks of the conclusion of the last session in order to receive feedback from the instructor.
This class meets on Thursdays, starting September 10th through September 24th at 1:00 pm CST for 60 minutes (3 sessions)
*Pre-requisite - The student should already know how to write a basic persuasive paper. This class builds on that knowledge.

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