Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Random thought for the day.....

I was reminded today to take pity on those people in the world that do others wrong, have no life of their own, try to live vicariously through others, and are just flat out lousy people.  For example, when you are 43 years old and live off your parents with no hopes for marriage, children, nothing, zero aspirations or goals.  Perfectly content on just using others until there is nothing left.  Or your only chance of actually getting a house is to wait until your parents kick-the-bucket so you can take it over, or being a grown man with children but living with your parents and not supporting said children.  I know, people like this must be pitied as hard as it may sound to do.

When you look at the bigger picture you realize how miserable their lives are, how empty and meaningless.  Say a prayer for them, they just cannot help themselves or anyone else for that matter.

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