Friday, December 11, 2015

Movie adventure madness.........

Over the last three years, my girls and I have been through a good bit of hardship but despite that, we have gone on adventure after adventure.  We stay outside the box.

As I mentioned the other day, they were both selected to be extras in an upcoming movie being release in 2016.

We literally headed out at 3:30 a.m. to get to the destination but my navigational skills coupled with Google destination directions only lead us to not only get lost and arrive late!(Hate Google directions).

I think there is something to be said for getting lost sometimes.  Makes it a little more exciting and fun in a way.  It all worked out fine.

We arrived on the set and checked in and got the instructions.  Did I mention that it was 29 degrees?  It was!  29 degrees!

We watched as the production team and actors did take after take after take after take................see where I am going with this?  They did at least 20 takes for every scene, no kidding!

Finally, it was the girls' turn so they did what they were supposed to about 20 times and then it was time for a break.  At this point, it is only 12:30.  Only 12:30 I say and only one scene had been worked on because of all of those do-overs.  The crew ordered lunch for everyone and luckily it was warming up by this point.

The girls did another scene and the production team decided they had enough daylight to go for one more scene before they lost their sunlight.  Finally after the final 20 takes, it was a wrap.  Finally around 5:30!

The production crew was fantastic!  They were very organized and talented in their jobs.  They made sure there was plenty of food and drinks for the actors and thanked everyone for coming out.

There were several kids young and old with their moms.  In my opinion, if you are bringing your kid out for this type of job, you need to be extremely patient, otherwise, you will lose your mind.  It is a lot of waiting around.

The girls quickly bonded with this little girl named Olivia.  They were holding her hand and taking her all around everywhere they went.  She was super cute!  Her mom was fantastic also.

Since saying we were in Augusta and at the Savannah River is not a spoiler, I will say that is where part of the movie was being filmed.  This is a beautiful place!  Breathtaking actually.

Hopefully, the film will be a good one.  The girls had great fun and learned a lot especially about having patience which is a good quality to have.

They are looking forward to the next gig!

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