Saturday, May 28, 2016

Another thing to consider for college-bound kiddos..........

If we are talking money, it makes almost zero sense to send your child out-of-state to go to college.  I found this great article from Best Colleges which highlights the lowest out-of-state tuition fees but if these are the lowest, I do not want to know the highest.

For example, Northwestern Oklahoma State University is $11,764 if you are an out-of-state college-goer.  If you are a resident of Oklahoma, this number drops down to $5,642.

Heading to Arkansas?  The University of Central Arkansas is around $7,595 if you are an Arkansas resident, if not, open up your wallet because you will get to pay $13,340.

Thinking of going further down south to Georgia, home of The Walking Dead?  Georgia Tech (a phenomenal school) is $7,718 but if you are not a Georgia resident you will be paying for it!  Wait for are likely to pay $27,022 (fainting with you).

Here is another great link to find out about the differences between in-state and out-of-state tuition fees and the reasoning why some colleges can cost you upwards of $26,000 more if you are not a state resident, University of Virginia, what is up with that?

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