Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Love Dave..........

How timely since just yesterday I posted about adult children/enabling parents.  Today on
The Dave Ramsey Show he ranted on about this very topic.  He makes exquisite points that are 100% correct.

You can fast-forward to around minute 12 and listen to Dave explain the real problems with being an enabler and the harm it actually does.

He says that enablers really believe they are helping because they do not have the correct definition of the word help.  He says they are not helping but causing great harm instead.

"When a mom or dad allows a 32-year-old live in their basement and not work or supports them so they do not have to work. You steal their dignity, you steal their ability to win in the marketplace, you steal their ability to perform, and what happens when you die?  They are SCREWED because they are completely atrophied in every pit of their character that they need to win."  He suggested that the father needs to put his foot down and put an end to it and to stop supporting negative behavior.

Time to cut the cord.................

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