Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Concert merch...........

I have been so busy lately with work, parenting, chauffeuring, homeschool prep, and well the list goes on from there, I have not had a chance to blog this amazing concert we went to but here is the concert merch.

For now, I will just say this concert was aMazInG!!  We had so much fun even though it was more than a 12 hour day start to finish.  Hey Violet = insane, love them, and One Ok Rock, ?#%^*^%#((*&. I just have no words to describe how crazily aWeSOMe they were.  You absolutely have to check them out here is a link.

A15's oncert Tee, front and back.

C17's concert tee, front and back.

A15's signed pics, and she hung them up on the wall yesterday.





The VIP lanyards and bracelet. 
Best time ever!

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