Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Russia!  Thanks for the nearly 1,300 page views last month!  This is interesting since my largest viewing audience is usually America.
I have many blog posts relative to Russia or related to Russia in some way or another but here are a few cool facts in case you missed those.

~Did you know that Russia is located across nine time zones?

~Russia also shares a border with Norway, North Korea, Ukraine, and China.

~At their closet points, Russia and Alaska are only two miles apart.

~Russia is the largest country in the world (land-wise).

~Moscow is the capital and the largest city.

~The population is around 144 million (2014).

~Russia is one of the largest oil producers.

~Russia (17m km2) is larger than Pluto (16m km2).

~Russia is home to 9 million more women than men.

~Since 1959, Russian scientists have domesticated foxes just like dogs.

~The world's largest McDonalds is in Moscow and seats 700 people.

~Lake Karachay is the most polluted place on earth.  You would be dead within half an hour of being there.

~When money is tight, Russian school teachers can be paid in Vodka (this might make their job easier, LOL).

~Serbia makes up nearly 80% of land mass in Russia.

~It is a crime to drive a dirty car in Russia.

~It apparently also a crime to tell children that gay people exists.

~Russia has more nuclear weapons than any other country in the world by about 8500.
~Amur Leopards are the rarest big cats in the world and are found in Russia.  In 2007, there were reportedly only 30 left but now thanks to Leopard National Park, that number is up to 57 and another ten or so have been spotted in adjacent areas of China.

Russia is undoubtedly a beautiful place.

A few more fun/interesting facts:

~If you are giving a bouquet of flowers during a celebration, make sure you give an odd number of flowers as bouquets with an even number of flowers are reserved for funerals.

~Spilled salt is believed to foreshadow a family argument.

~In Russia, there is no whistling indoors.

~It is said that any Russia whose path is crossed by a black cat will turn and go another way 100% of the time.

~Finished with your bottled (glass) drink?  Clear it off the table ASAP!  Tradition says that empty bottles means heavy drinking, heavy drinking may mean arguments so empty bottles could be used as a weapon.

~It is believed that death is near if a bird flies inside your house in Russia.

~Finding a lilac with five petals will bring good luck.

Thanks for all the views Russia!

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