Sunday, December 18, 2016


Parenting is not a science and no matter how many books you read on how to be a parent, there is no way to know if you are doing it right or have done it right but there may be clues.  For example, if you have one child (and especially if you have more than one child) in their 40s-to-almost 50s living in your house completely dependent on you. I am thinking you should probably find a mirror and ask Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, What the Hell Did I do Wrong?  Another clue could be that your oldest child needs you to fill out and deliver his court-ordered child support because it is late, and he does not want to risk getting caught and carted off to jail.  I mean, I'm just saying.  You really are not doing them any favors no matter what you think.  And please don't play the Bipolar card because honestly, aren't we all Bipolar to some degree?  

What is it that Dr. Phil always says about enabling your adult children?  He says basically you are robbing them (the adult children) of the gift of feeling good about themselves by not letting them stand on their own two feet and being able to celebrate their own independence.....You can read the full article here.  It is just pathetic!  Remember enablers of the world, you will not live forever and then what?  They fight over your house and who you leave it to or end up in a state home because they cannot function in "the real world" and then I have to pay for them with my tax dollars.  No thanks!  Please fix them now while there is still time.

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