Saturday, April 30, 2016

Savannah Sunrise has been announced.....

The trailer for Savannah Sunrise is finally out and the movie should be in theaters mid-May 2016.  Both the girls were extras in this movie, and it was quite an eventful 14-hour-long-day for them.  It was hot, cold, exciting, and exhausting but something they will not likely forget.  You can read more about that adventure here and here.  Not much detail can be given until after movies are officially announced so those two posts are a little vague but now it is so exciting to see it all come together.

The movie house.

A pic taken by one of the main actors, beautiful!
Link to the trailer.

Wish them luck tomorrow!!  They will be featured extras in several scenes for new web series coming up.  One of the characters in the new web series has been in the Vampire Dairies, what???  Fan-girling already.  There is also a connection to the Savannah Sunrise movie.

I am so proud of my troops.  They are taking care of all of their movie business on their own, making the contacts, submitting photos, forms, and going back and forth with movie peeps all on their own.  All I have to do is get them there on time, which for me and my navigational issues can sometimes be difficult, but we always make it.  I think we will all be too excited to sleep tonight but who cares with a 5 a.m. wake up time anyway?

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